1/2 hour rated motors are used for

1/2 hour rated motors are used for

Right Answer is:

Medium duty cranes

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  • An essential requirement of a Medium duty crane motor is to develop a high starting tot and should be able to withstand a medium number of switching operations.
  • Besides, these motors are provided with special electro-mechanical brakes, which by means of springs, are made to hold the load as soon as the supply fails.
  • On the restoration of supply, the solenoid across the terminals of the motor gets energized and brakes are released. Such motors are 1/2 hr or one hour rated.
  • Interestingly the term short time rating is defined as:The output which a motor can give for a specified period (e.g. 1 hr, 1/2 hr, etc.) without exceeding a specified temperature, the motor is assumed to be the short-time rated motor.

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