The advantages of a group driver electric drive are

The advantages of a group driver electric drive are

Right Answer is:

HIgh efficiency


Advantages of Group driver electric drive

Saving in the initial cost: One 150 kW motor costs much less than ten 15 kW motors required to drive 10 separate machined

High Efficiency:- The efficiency and power factor of a large group drive motor will be higher, provided it is operated fairly near its rated load.

High Overload capacity:- If the machines are liable to short but sharp overloads, group drive is again advantageous, because 100 percent overload on an individual machine will cause hardly 10 percent overload when driven by group drive.

Continous start and stop:- Group drive can be used with advantage in those industrial processes where there is the sequence of continuity in operation and where it is desirable to stop these processes simultaneously as in a flour mill.

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