The advantages of pipe earthing is/are

The advantages of pipe earthing is/are

Right Answer is:

All of the above


(i) Pipe earthing is done mostly to earth the machine of high power as the earthing has wire earth contact, it provides more safety by earthing more leakage current.

(ii) The contact surface area of GI pipe with soil is more in comparison to the plate because of its circular section and hence can take up heavy leakage current for the same electrode size.

(iii) The earth wire connection with the GI pipe being above the ground level can be checked for carrying out continuity tests as and when desired while plate-earthing it is difficult. It is an advantage over plate-earthing.

(iv) Iron is the cheapest material and remains serviceable even if put in the salty mass of earth.

(v) Pipe earthing and plate earthing is considered to be the best as they have a reasonably low value of earth resistance.

(vi) When compared to the plate earth system, the pipe earth system can carry larger leakage currents as a much larger surface area is in contact with the soil for a given electrode size.

(vii) The system also enables easy maintenance as the earth wire connection is housed at the ground level.

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