What are the advantages of single phase AC supply as compared to three phase supply?

What are the advantages of single-phase AC supply as compared to three-phase supply?

Right Answer is:

All of the above


Single-phase AC supply sources present the reference for comparison of various alternating power supplies and lay in the basement of these supplies. However, single-phase sources have major advantages when compared with three-phase supply sources as follows.

Advantages of Single-phase AC supply

  • Presents simple and cheap power supplies that are capable of covering the industrial and domestic consumption needs to a certain limit.
  • Requires the use of one transformer for power conversion and transfer.
  • Single-phase current peaks twice during one cycle, whereas three-phase current peaks six times during one cycle resulting in stronger mechanical force and motor torque.
  • A Single-phase supply service can be less expensive than a three-phase current in certain situations.
  • With respect to mathematical modeling and processing, the physical process single-phase supply is simple compared with a three-phase supply.
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