In BLDC motor field winding is kept on

In BLDC motor field winding is kept on

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Brushless motors are similar to AC motors in that a moving magnetic field causes rotor movement or rotation. Both motor types use stator windings and have no brushes. Brush-less motors are also similar to permanent magnet (PMDC) motors since they have linear characteristics. Also, both motor types use permanent magnets to generate one field, The brushless motor is, in essence, a hybrid, which combines the best attributes of both the AC and DC motors.

The configuration of the brushless motor most commonly used in contemporary systems is shown in Fig. In this motor, the rotor consists of permanent magnet field winding and the stator consists of windings. These windings are termed “commutation” windings. By passing a current through a winding, a magnetic field is set up with which permanent magnets on the rotor interact. This results in the rotation of the rotor.

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