UPPCL AE Electrical Question Paper 2016 Solved

Ques.1.  The time constant of the casual system represented by G(s) = 1/(s+5) is:- 5 sec 0.2 sec π/10 π/5 Answer.2. 0.5 sec Explanation:- The given equation above i.e G(s) = 1/(s + 5) is in Pole-zero form. Now converting it into standard Transfer function form i.e G(s) = K/(τs + 1) we get = … Read more

UPPCL AE Electrical Engineer Solved Paper 2019

UPPCL AE Electrical Engineer Solved Paper 2019 Ques.1. For a non-ideal single-phase transformer, which of the following is not true? Short circuit test reveals approximately the resistance and leakage reactance of the transformer windings. Open circuit test is usually done on the low voltage side of a transformer. Open circuit test can reveal resistance and … Read more