Select the correct statement regarding a semiconductor.

Select the correct statement regarding a semiconductor.

Right Answer is:

Acceptor level lies close to the valence band


In p-type semiconductors with holes as the majority charge carriers. The impurity in p-type semiconductors is called an acceptor impurity. Acceptor levels lie just above the valence band edge. The Fermi level shifts upwards and lies close to the conduction band in n-type semiconductors. In p-type semiconductors, the Fermi level is closer to the valence band edge. These are also shown in Fig. 

  1. The valance band (VB) is usually completely filled with electrons at absolute zero. In contrast, the conduction band (CB) contains full unoccupied states at absolute zero.
  2. As the name suggests it is the acceptor band will accept the electrons. Since the electrons are present in the valence band. So, the acceptor band being closer to the valence band accepts electrons from it and creates holes.

  3. Similarly, in n-type semiconductors, the donor band lies closer to the conduction band as it donates its electrons to the conduction band so that the flow of charge carriers can take place easily.

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