Creeping occurs in energy meter due to

Creeping occurs in energy meter due to

Right Answer is:

Energy Meter


Creeping in the energy meter is the phenomenon in which the aluminum disc rotates continuously when only the voltage is supplied to the pressure coil, and no current flows through the current coil. In other words, the creeping is the kind of error in which the energy meter consumes a very small amount of energy even when no load is attached to the meter.

Creeping occurs due to

  1. Overcompensation for friction.
  2. Supply voltage is more than normal voltage
  3. Stray magnetic field
  4. Vibration

To eliminate this, two holes are drilled in the disc 180° opposite to each other. When this hole comes under the shunt magnet pole, it gets acted upon by a torque opposite to its rotation. This restricts its rotation, on no-load condition.

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