Digital Communication Processing MCQ [Free PDF] – Objective Question Answer for Digital Communication Processing Quiz

1. Which circuit is called regenerative repeaters?

A. Analog circuits
B. Digital circuits
C. Amplifiers
D. A/D converters

Answer: B

The main advantage of digital communication is that the signals can be reproduced easily. Thus digital circuits are called regenerative repeaters.


2. What are the advantages of digital circuits?

A. Less noise
B. Less interference
C. More flexible
D. All of the mentioned

Answer: D

Digital circuits are less subject to noise, distortion, and interference as it works on digital pulses, and also the pulses can be regenerated.


3. How many different combinations can be made from an n bit value?

A. 2(n+1)
B. 2(n)
C. 2(n)+1
D. None of the mentioned

Answer: B

2(n) different combinations can be made from n bit value. For example, from 2 bit value 22 different combinations-00,01,10,11 can be made.


4. How many bytes does a gigabyte have?

A. 1 million bytes
B. 10 million bytes
C. 1 billion bytes
D. 10 billion bytes

Answer: C

One gigabyte is 1 billion bytes.


5. What is the ASCII value of space?

A. 32
B. 48
C. 96
D. 65

Answer: A

The ASCII value of space is 32 and the ASCII value of 0 is 48.


6. Which block or device does the data compression?

A. Channel encoder
B. Source encoder
C. Modulator
D. None of the mentioned

Answer: B

The source encoder converts the digital or analog signal to a sequence of binary digits. This process is called source encoding or compression.


7. What is the code rate?

A. k/n
B. n/k
C. All of the mentioned
D. None of the mentioned

Answer: A

Here n is the total bits of sequence and k bits are mapped. The amount of redundancy introduced is given by n/k and its reciprocal is the code rate.


8. Pulse shaping is done by which block or system?

A. Encoder
B. Baseband modulator
C. Pulse code modulator
D. Demodulator

Answer: C

Pulse code modulator does filtering process to build pulses that occupy more than one-bit time.


9. Equalizer is used for?

A. Filtering
B. Diminish distortion
C. All of the mentioned
D. None of the mentioned

Answer: C

An equalizer is used as a filtering option and also diminishes or reduces the distortion.


10. Source coding block is used for?

A. Compressing
B. Digitizing
C. A/D conversion
D. All of the mentioned

Answer: D

Source encoding does all these processes-compression, digitizing the signal, and performing analog to digital conversion.

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