A drive suitable for mines where explosive gas exist is

A drive suitable for mines where explosive gas exist is

Right Answer is:

Battery locomotive


Safety is very important in coal mine production.  Mine battery-electric locomotive is a major transport device for coal mine production, mainly driven by DC motor at present. Aiming at common faults of the lead-acid storage battery in mine battery locomotive, including the emission of highly flammable hydrogen gas during battery charging.

Modern battery locomotive uses advanced switching power supply technology and intelligent control technology, not only improving charging efficiency but enhancing charging reliability and not producing any harmful gases in the charging process. The charger has characteristics such as lightweight, small volume, high efficiency, good control performance, and protection functions for over-voltage, under-voltage, over current, overload, battery voltage detection, and polarity, at the same time it achieves the whole process of tracking management and health diagnosis for equipment use and maintenance to provide quick and efficient material guarantee for coal mine safety production.

The battery locomotive has similar advantages of mobility as the diesel counterpart. Frames, buffer gear, braking equipment, and to a degree, wheels, and axles are similar in construction to those employed on the diesel locomotive, but there the similarity ends.

This form of the locomotive also has its advantages and its disadvantages. The fundamental advantage of the battery locomotive is that it is clean, silent, relatively pollution Free in operation, reliable and requires a low order of maintenance. Initial costs may be higher than a diesel locomotive because, in addition to the locomotive with its battery, a standbys battery with its associated charger is required. However, its operation and maintenance costs may well be lower.

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