Which of the following motors have two separate windings on the motor

Which of the following motors have two separate windings on the motor?

Right Answer is:

Repulsion induction motor


Repulsion Induction Motor

It works on the combined principle of repulsion and induction. The construction of the stator of this type of motor is similar to that of a repulsion motor, i.e., the main stator winding of a single-phase induction motor. The repulsion induction motor is also known as the squirrel cage repulsion motor. In the rotor, there are two separate windings. One winding is similar to the rotor winding of a repulsion motor i.e usual d.c winding connected to the commutator. The other winding is of squirrel-cage type, placed below the repulsion-motor type winding. The behavior of the repulsion induction motor is, therefore, the combination of the behavior of the repulsion motor and an induction motor.

Under starting conditions, very little current will flow through the inner squirrel-cage winding since the reactance of the squirrel-cage winding which is placed deep into the rotor slot is very high. As the rotor picks up speed, the frequency of the rotor induced emf and hence the rotor reactance will decrease. More current will flow in the rotor squirrel-cage winding. The motor will work as a combination of repulsion and induction motor.

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