The fuse rating is expressed in terms of

The fuse rating is expressed in terms of

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An electric fuse is a device used in the household electric wiring that protects appliances from high currents. Fuse wire is connected between the mains and leads of the primary circuit of an electric appliance. When the excess amount of electricity passes through the wire, the fuse wire gets heated and the heat produced fuses or melts the wire breaking the power supply to the circuit of the appliance. Thus, the electric appliance is protected from the passage of a high electric current which destroys the appliance.

A fuse rating is a current need to blow the fuse. Fuses are rated in amps and will be placed as close to a power distribution point as possible to minimize runs of unprotected cable.

Generally, the lowest-rated fuse is selected consistent with reliable operation, but for emergency equipment, the highest rating is used consistent with cable protection.

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