Gallium Arsenide VLSI MCQ Quiz – Objective Question with Answer for Gallium Arsenide VLSI

1. Gallium arsenide has _______ electron mobility.

A. high speed
B. low speed
C. smaller
D. larger

Answer: A

The high-speed electron mobility of gallium arsenide with respect to silicon is better for innovative systems.


2. Which technology has a semi-insulating substrate?

A. silicon
B. silicon nitride
C. gallium oxide
D. gallium arsenide

Answer: D

Gallium arsenide has a semi-insulating substrate with consequent lower parasitics which improve its optoelectrical properties.


3. Gallium is produced as a byproduct of

A. aluminium production process
B. sulphur production process
C. nitrogen production process
D. oxygen production process

Answer: A

Gallium which is a toxic material is produced as a byproduct of zinc production process and aluminum production processes.


4. Arsenic is produced from

A. AsS3
B. As2S3
C. As2S
D. As2S3 or As2S4

Answer: D

Arsenic which is also a very toxic material is produced from the ores such as As2S3 or As2S4.


5. The first process involved in the production of arsenic is

A. reduction
B. oxidation
C. combination
D. diffusion

Answer: B

Firstly, the ores go through the oxidation process and then reduction with carbon is done to produce arsenic.


6. Gallium has a

A. positively charged nucleus +31
B. positively charged nucleus +33
C. negatively charged nucleus -31
D. negatively charged nucleus -33

Answer: A

Gallium has a positively charged nucleus of +31 whereas arsenic has a positively charged nucleus of +33.


7. Energy level of electrons is dictated by

A. electron’s charges
B. electron’s momentum
C. electron’s mass
D. electron’s weight

Answer: B

Each electron in its relationship with its parent nucleus exhibits an energy value. This energy is dictated by the electron’s momentum and its physical proximity to the nucleus.


8. The energy is greater as the closer the electron is to the nucleus.

A. true
B. false

Answer: A

The closer the electron is to the nucleus the greater is the holding influence of the nucleus and the greater is the energy required for the electron to break loose and become free.


9. Which are more stronger?

A. outer orbit electrons
B. outer orbit protons
C. inner orbit electrons
D. inner orbit protons

Answer: A

Outer orbit electrons are said to be stronger than inner orbit electrons because of their ability to break loose from the parent atom. These are called valence electrons.


10. Gallium arsenide is made up of

A. single element
B. compound of two elements
C. compound of three elements
D. compound of four elements

Answer: B

Gallium arsenide is a compound semiconductor that is defined as a compound of two elements whereas silicon is a single element semiconductor.

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