Hall effect may not be used for which of the following?

Hall effect may not be used for which of the following?

Right Answer is:

Detecting aircraft communication signals


Hall effect may not be used for detecting aircraft communication signals

A Hall effect sensor is a transducer that produces its output voltage in response to changes in magnetic fields.

Applications of Hall effect sensors are

  1. Determination of semiconductor type: The Hall coefficient is negative for a p-type semiconductor and positive for a p-type semiconductor. Therefore, the sign of the Hall coefficient can be used to determine whether a given semiconductor is n- or p-type.
  2. Determination of carrier mobility: By measuring the Hall coefficient and conductivity of the semiconductor, carrier mobility can be determined.
  3. Determination of carrier concentration: By measuring the Hall coefficient the carrier concentration in a semiconductor can be determined.
  4. Measurement of magnetic fields: Hall voltage is proportional to the magnetic field intensity, for a given current through the sample. Therefore, one of the important applications of the Hall effect consists in measuring magnetic fields. Knowing the parameters of the Hall probe, and applied current, we can determine the intensity of the magnetic field.
  5. Miscellaneous applications: Hall sensors are used for proximity switching, positioning, speed detection, and current sensing application.
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