Integrated Circuit (IC) Fabrication MCQ [Free PDF] – Objective Question Answer for IC Fabrication Quiz

1. What is the best choice of IC package used for experimental purposes?

A. DIP package
B. Metal can package
C. Flatpack
D. Transistor pack

Answer: A

The DIP package is used as it is easy to mount. The mounting does not require bending or soldering of the leads.


2. What is the general information specified in ordering an IC?

A. Temperature range
B. Device type
C. Package type
D. All of the mentioned

Answer: D

Generally, in order for an IC, all three pieces of information must be specified.


3. Find the ordering information for µA741TC.

A. Sprague 741 DIP with Industrial temperature range
B. Intersil 741 DIP with a commercial temperature range
C. Fairchilds 741 DIP with a commercial temperature range
D. Texas instrument 741 metal can with Industrial temperature range

Answer: C

Here “µA” represents the identifying initials used by Fairchild,

T represents the Mini DIP package and C represents the Commercial temperature range.


4. How a Motorola IC with plastic DIP and commercial temperature range is ordered?

A. ICLxxxP -> 0o to 75oc
B. CAxxE -> -55o to +125oc
C. LMxxxxA -> -40o to+85oc
D. MCxxxP -> 0o to 70oc

Answer: D

The ordering format for a typical Motorola IC is,

MCxxxx –> Device type

P –> Package type(Plastic DIP)

0o to 70oc –> Temperature range (Commercial).


5. What does the 1-2-3 numbering system used in National Semiconductor IC denote?

A. Validity in years
B. Temperature range
C. Package type
D. Ordering information

Answer: C

In National linear ICs, a 1-2-3 numbering system is used to represent the temperature range.


6. How does an industrial temperature range device in National Semiconductor IC represented?

A. LM305
B. LM101
C. LM201
D. All of the mentioned

Answer: C

In LM201, the number 2 denotes an industrial temperature range device.


7. Use the device identification method to find the IC of the Fairchild chip manufactured in the year 1980.

A. 80
B. 20
C. 70
D. 60

Answer: B

In the chip, 80 represents the manufactured year

8. Dual-In-Line pack is considered to be suitable for mounting because,

A. Easy to handle
B. Fits mounting hardware
C. Inexpensive
D. All of the mentioned

Answer: C

The DIP pack is easy to handle, fits standard mounting hardware, and is inexpensive when molded on plastic.


9. What is the use of notch and dot in DIP ICs?

A. Determine the pin configuration
B. Designed to represent device type
C. Represent property of IC
D. Find the pin number

Answer: D

A notch and dot as viewed from the top view are used to find the pin terminal. The terminals are numbered counterclockwise.


10. How an eight-pin Dual-In-Line Package is shortly named

A. 8p DIP
B. Maxi DIP
C. Mini DIP

Answer: C

An eight-pin Dual-In-Line Package is called Mini DIP as it is used for devices with a minimum number of inputs and outputs.

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