In a control system, the output of the controller is given to

In a control system, the output of the controller is given to

Right Answer is:

Final control element





In a control system, the output of the controller is given to the final control element.

Detailed Explanation:-

Input: The applied signal or excitation signal applied to a control system from an external source in order to produce output is called input.

Error Detector: The error detector is used to reduce the error signal. The error signal is the difference between the input signal and the feedback signal. It is used to reduce the error and bring the output of the system to the desired value.

Controller: The element of the control system which controls the process or plant is called the controller.

Process or Plant: It is defined as the portion of a system that is to be controlled or regulated. It is also called process. Output: The actual response obtained from a control system when the input signal is applied to it is called output.

Feedback Element: The device which is used to give the feedback signal is called the feedback element. The feedback is a property of the system by which it permits the output to be compared with the reference input to generate the error signal based on which the appropriate controlling action can be decided. The purpose of feedback is to reduce the error between the reference input and the system output.

The correction element or final control element is the element in a control system that is responsible for transforming the output of a controller into a change in the process which aims to correct the change in the controlled variable. Thus, for example, a switch which is operated by the controller and so used to switch on a heater to control.

The final control element comes in a variety of forms depending on the specific control application. In chemical engineering processes, the final control element is an automatic control valve that throttles the flow of a manipulated variable. In mechanical engineering systems, the final control element is a hydraulic actuator or an electric servomotor.

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