Integrated Circuit Temperature Range MCQ [Free PDF] – Objective Question Answer for Integrated Circuit Temperature Range Quiz

1. Miniaturization of components with superior performance can be obtained in

A. Integrated circuits
B. Discrete circuits
C. Both integrated and discrete circuits
D. None of the mentioned

Answer: A

All the components in integrated circuits are fabricated on the same chip, whereas in discrete circuits discrete components are used and occupy more area.


2. Why Integrated Circuits are considered to be economical?

A. Simple manufacturing process
B. Provide trouble-free service
C. Due to batch production
D. Easy to use and reuse

Answer: C

Integrated Circuits are considered to be economical because it reduces the cost due to batch production. A standard 10cm diameter wafer can be divided into 8000 rectangular chips (approx). So, if 10 wafers are processed in one batch, then 80,000 ICs are produced simultaneously.


3. Which of the following circuit is not made of digital ICs?

A. Shift registers
B. Multipliers
C. Demultiplexers
D. Counters

Answer: B

Multipliers are made up of Linear Integrated Circuits.


4. Controlling the characteristics of the operating region is not taken care of in digital ICs because

A. It involves only two voltages
B. It is used to form transistor logic
C. Digital IC requires an only power supply, input, and output
D. All of the mentioned

Answer: A

Digital circuits are primarily concerned with only two levels of voltages (or currents): ‘high’ and ‘low’. Therefore, accurate control of operating region characteristics is not required in digital circuits, unlike in linear circuits.


5. Linear Integrated Circuit can also be called as

A. Monolithic circuit
B. General purpose circuit
C. Special purpose
D. Analog circuit

Answer: D

The output electrical signal and the input signal applied in a linear circuit vary either in proportion or in the physical quantities they represent. Since the electrical signals are analogous to the physical quantities, linear circuits are also referred to as analog circuits.


6. How are components array available in IC form?

A. Array of silicon wafers
B. Group of isolated transistor, diodes, and resistor
C. Array of individual stages of differential and cascade amplifier
D. Group of gates logic circuits arranged in array format

Answer: B
The majority of linear ICs are available as an operational amplifiers. So, these components array consists of a group of isolated transistors, diodes, and resistors.


7. Which type of integrated circuit is suitable for small quantity custom circuits?

A. Monolithic IC
B. Linear IC
C. Hybrid IC
D. Digital IC

Answer: C

In hybrid circuits, separate component parts are attached to a ceramic substrate and interconnected by means of either a metallization pattern or wire bond. This technology is adaptable to small quantity custom circuits only.


8. What is the isolation technique used in monolithic IC?

A. PN-junction
B. Dielectric junction
C. Beam-lead junction
D. All of the mentioned

Answer: D

Electrical isolation between the components in monolithic ICs can be achieved by any one of the three isolation techniques dielectric, beam-lead or PN-junction.


9. Monolithic Integrated Circuits exhibits

A. Increase in power consumption
B. Non-matched devices
C. Thermal stability
D. All of the mentioned

Answer: C

Monolithic ICs exhibit good thermal stability because all the components are integrated on the same chip very close to each other.


10. How are thin-film hybrid ICs obtained?

A. Evaporation method
B. Spraying method
C. Silk screening method
D. Adiabatic cooling method

Answer: A

In thin-film hybrid IC the resistors, capacitors, and interconnections are separately formed on the substrate, and a suitable material is evaporated on the substrate to make the connection.

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