The octal representation of (A0E)16 is _________

The octal representation of (A0E)16 is _________

Right Answer is:



The Hexa number system has a base of 16

Hexa to Octal conversion: Following procedure is adapted to convert a given octal integer into its equivalent decimal number:

Conversion of hexadecimal to octal is an indirect method like octal to hexadecimal number. That is, there is no direct way to convert from hexadecimal to octal. Thus, the hexadecimal number goes underway of either decimal or binary then the octal number.

Write the Hexa number, i.e., all its digits in a row. If n is the position of the digit from the right end then multiply each digit with 16n-1

(A0E)16 = 10 × 162 + 0 × 161 + 14 × 160

(A0E)16 = (2574)10

Divide the decimal number with 8

Write the remainders in reverse order and the obtained number is the required result

(2574)10 = (5016)8

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