50 Important Multiple choice Question Of Transformer – 2020

50 Important Multiple choice questions Of Transformer – 2020 | Objective Type Question Of TRANSFORMER Qus1.  The secondary winding of which of the following transformers is always kept closed? Current transformer Voltage transformer Power transformer Step down transformer   Qus2.  If supply frequency of a transformer increases, the secondary output voltage of the transformer Increase Decrease Remain the … Read more

Synchronous Motor generator

ssc-je-synchronous-motor-synchronous-generator-questions Ques.1. The speed of a synchronous motor can be changed by Changing the supply voltage Changing the frequency Changing the load Changing the supply Terminals   Ques.2. In a synchronous motor running with the fixed excitation, when the load is increased two times, its torque angle becomes approximately Half Twice✓ Four Times No Change … Read more