Replacement of wiring is not easy in which type of wiring

Replacement of wiring is not easy in which type of wiring

Right Answer is:

Concealed wiring


Concealed conduit wiring: in this method, the conduits are buried under the wall at the time of plastering. This is also called recessed conduit wiring.

The beauty of the premises is maintained due to conduit wiring. It is durable and has a long life lt protects the wires from mechanical shocks and fire hazards. Proper earthing of conduits makes the method electrical shock-proof. It requires very little maintenance.

The repairs are very difficult in the case of concealed conduit wiring. This method ~ most costly and erection requires highly skilled labor. These are a few disadvantages of the conduit type of wiring. In concealed conduit wiring, keeping conduit at earth potential is necessary.

Advantages of Conduit Wiring Systems

  • It is the safest wiring system (Concealed conduit wring)
  • Appearance is very beautiful (in case of concealed conduit wiring)
  • No risk of mechanical wear & tear and fire in case of metallic pipes.
  • Customization can be easily done according to future needs.
  • Repairing and maintenance are easy.
  • There is no risk of damage to the cable’s insulation.
  • it is safe from corrosion (in case of PVC conduit) and risk of fire.
  • It can be used even in humidity, chemical effect, and smoky areas.
  • No risk of electric shock (In case of proper earthing and grounding of metallic pipes).
  • It is a reliable and popular wiring system.
  • sustainable and long-lasting wiring system.

Disadvantages of Conduit Wiring Systems

  • It is an expensive wiring system (Due to PVC and Metallic pipes, Additional earthing for metallic pipes Tee(s) and elbows, etc.
  • Very hard to find defects in the wiring.
  • installation is not easy and simple.
  • Risk of Electric shock (In case of metallic pipes without proper earthing system)
  • Very complicated to manage additional connections in the future.
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