RS232 MCQ Quiz – Objective Question with Answer for RS232

1. Which of the following can be used for long-distance communication?

A. I2C
B. Parallel port
D. RS232

Answer: D

A slightly different serial port called RS232 is used for long-distance communication, otherwise the clock may get skewed. The low voltage signal also affects long-distance communication.


2. Which of the following can affect long-distance communication?

A. clock
B. resistor
C. inductor
D. capacitor

Answer: A

For small distance communication, the clock signal which allows a synchronous transmission of data is more than enough, and the low voltage signal of TTL or CMOS is sufficient for the operation. But for long-distance communication, the clock signal may get skewed and the low voltage can be affected by the cable capacitance. So for long-distance communication RS232 can be used.


3. Which are the serial ports of the IBM PC?

B. COM4 and COM1
C. COM1 and COM2

Answer: C

The IBM PC has one or two serial ports called the COM1 and the COM2, which are used for the data transmission between the PC and many other peripheral units like a printer, modem, etc.


4. Which of the following can provide hardware handshaking?

A. RS232
B. Parallel port
C. Counter
D. Timer

Answer: A

In RS232, several lines are used for transmitting and receiving data and these also provide control for the hardware handshaking.


5. Which of the following have an asynchronous data transmission?

B. RS232
C. Parallel port
D. I2C

Answer: B

The data is transmitted asynchronously in RS232 which enhances long-distance communication, whereas SPI, and I2C offer short-distance communication, and therefore, they are using synchronous data transmission.


6. How many areas does the serial interface have?

A. 1
B. 3
C. 2
D. 4

Answer: C

The serial interface is divided into two, the physical interface and the electrical interface.


7. The RS232 is also known as

C. Physical interface
D. Electrical interface

Answer: D

The RS232 is also known as the physical interface and it is also known as EIA232.


8. How much voltage does the MC1489 can take?

A. 12V
B. 5V
C. 3.3V
D. 2.2V

Answer: B

The MC1489 is an interface chip that can take a 5V and generate internally the other voltages which are needed to meet the interface specification.


9. Which of the following is not a serial protocol?

B. I2C
C. Serial port
D. RS232

Answer: D

The RS232 is a physical interface. It does not follow the serial protocol.


10. Which of the following is an ideal interface for LCD controllers?

B. parallel port
C. Serial port
D. M-Bus

Answer: D

M-Bus or Motorola Bus is an ideal interface for LCD controllers, A/D converters, EEPROMs, and many other components which can benefit from the faster transmission.

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