Series reactors should have

Series reactors should have

Right Answer is:

Low resistance


The extent of short-circuits at different locations can be reduced by connecting current limiting reactors also known as series reactors, A series reactor is an inductive coil having a large inductance with negligible resistance. These reactors are designed without saturation problems. By designing the reactance of the series reactor to a suitable value, short-circuit currents can be reduced to such a level that circuit breakers can handle them quite easily. As the present-day power system is largely interconnected, a fault at a particular location is contributed to by a large number of generators. These unacceptable short-circuit levels can be easily adjusted to an acceptable value by using series reactors.

These reactors are connected in series with generators, feeders, transmission lines for limiting fault currents under short circuits. Series reactors should have linear magnetic characteristics under fault conditions. They are designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal effects of short circuits. Series reactors used in transmission lines have a fully insulated winding since both its ends should be able to withstand the lightning impulse voltages. The value of series reactance has to be judiciously selected because a higher value reduces the power transfer capability of the line. The main motive of using current limiting reactors is to reduce short-circuit currents so that circuit breakers with lower short circuit breaking capacity can be used. As the resistance of the reactor in comparison to their reactance is very small, the efficiency of the system is not affected appreciably.

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