Shunt capacitance is neglected while considering

Shunt capacitance is neglected while considering

Right Answer is:

Short transmission line


Short Transmission Line: If the length of the transmission line is about 50 km and the line voltage is less than 20 kV, the line is known as the short transmission line. The effect of capacitance on the line is very small because of the smaller distance and lower voltage, and hence can be neglected. Thus, the performance of the short transmission line can be determined by the resistance and inductance of the line. However, in the actual line, resistance and inductance are distributed over the entire length of the line but in the case of the short line, they are lumped at one place. If the line is single phase, total loop resistance and inductance are taken into account and, for a 3-phase circuit, only resistance and inductance to the neutral, i.e. per phase is considered.

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