Solar Powered Vehicles MCQ [Free PDF] – Objective Question Answer for Solar Powered Vehicles Quiz

1. When was the first electric car invented?

A. 1830
B. 1985
C. 1832
D. 1945

Answer: C

The first electric car was developed by Robert Anderson in 1832. It was the first crude electric vehicle. Electric cars are the future of the automobile industry.   


2. The moving coil instrument measures the ___________ of the signal.

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A. Average value
B. R.M.S value
C. Zero value
D. Half value

Answer: B

The moving coil instrument measures the R.M.S value of the signal. The moving coil instrument can be used to measure the DC value.   


3. The PMMC instrument measures the average value of the signal.

A. True
B. False

Answer: A

The Permanent magnetic moving coil instrument measures the average value of the signal. It is not suitable for AC measurement as the pointer fluctuates in the case of AC measurement.   


4. Which of the relationship is correct in Ferromagnetic motor?

A. T ∝ (Ia)2
B. T ∝ (Ia)0
C. T ∝ Ia
D. T2 ∝ Ia

Answer: C

The value of flux remains constant in the Ferromagnetic motor. The torque in the Ferromagnetic motor is directly proportional to the armature current.   


5. Calculate the Fill factor using the data: Pmax=5 W, Voc=0 V, Isc=1 A.

A. ∞
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1

Answer: A

The fill factor is the ratio of the maximum obtainable power to the product of the open-circuit voltage and short circuit current.

F.F = Pmax ÷ (Voc×Isc) = 5/0 = ∞.   



6. Electric Vehicles are generally powered by __________

A. Aluminum batteries
B. Lead-acid batteries
C. Sodium batteries
D. Magnesium batteries

Answer: B

Electric vehicles are generally powered by Lead-acid batteries. They consist of lead electrodes with H2SO4 as an electrolyte.   


7. Calculate the line voltage in star connection when phase voltage=315 V.

A. 545.5 V
B. 548.6 V
C. 547.8 V
D. 585.8 V

Answer: A

The line voltage in the case of star connection is 1.73 times of phase voltage. It leads the phase voltage by an angle of 30°.

VL-L=1.73×315=545.5 V.   


8. Who coined the term battery?

A. George Franklin
B. Benjamin Fernandes
C. Benjamin Franklin
D. George Bush

Answer: C

Benjamin Franklin was the first who coined the term battery. Batteries were the main source of electrical energy before the invention of generators.   


9. Who invented the battery?

A. Alessandro Volta
B. Alexander Bell
C. Alessandro Bell
D. Tim Southee

Answer: A

A battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Alessandro Volta invented the battery in 1800. He was an Italian scientist.   


10. Combination of cells is known as the battery.

A. True
B. False

Answer: A

A battery is a combination of cells connected in parallel and series. It converts chemical energy into electrical energy.   

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