The status Indicator of the Motor is useful when

The status Indicator of the Motor is useful when

Right Answer is:

Both of the above


Status Indicators

  • An indication of whether or not the motor is running is important. It helps us to determine the On/Off condition of the Motor.
  • The current status of a motor, running or stopped, is particularly useful if a start switch is located remotely from the motor, such as on a motor control center or on the main control panel somewhere.
  • The most common way to indicate a motor’s status is to use a small colored light.
  • Usually, a red light is used to indicate the motor is running and green light is used to indicate that the motor is stopped.
  • Status indicating lights are shown diagrammatically in the Figure

  • The letter in the circle indicates the color of the light, such as R = red, G = green, A = amber, and W = white.
  • The running light can simply be wired across the starter contactor’s coil so if the starter coil is energized, the running light is also.
  • The stopped or off light can be energized through a small auxiliary normally closed contact of the motor contactor.
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