Synchro is a _________ transducer

Synchro is a ________ transducer

Right Answer is:

Angular position


  • A synchros is an electromagnetic transducer commonly used to convert an angular position of the shaft into an electric signal.
  • It is known as selsynorantosym, Telesyn.
  • Basically, a synchros is a rotary device that operates on the same principle as the transformer and produces a correlation between angular position and a voltage or set of voltage.

  • It is used to determine the magnitude and direction of angular displacement.
  • Synchros are used widely in control systems as detectors and encoders because of their ruggedness in construction and high reliability.
  • When the rotor positions of two synchros are in perfect alignment, the voltage generated across the terminal of output rotor winding is zero.
  • When the rotor shafts are not aligned, the rotor voltage of the control transformer is approximately a sine function of the difference between the two shaft angles.
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