The application of a suitable core reactor is

The application of a suitable core reactor is

Right Answer is:

Used for voltage Regulation


The application of a suitable core reactor is Stepless AC voltage variation.

Detailed Explanation

A saturable core reactor is a device consisting of an iron core, an AC or gate winding, and a control winding. The impedance of the gate winding can be changed by means of the magnetic flux produced by the DC current in the control winding. A DC control signal of a few watts can, therefore, control hundreds of kilowatts of AC power. Since the control signal requires watts of power a magnetic amplifier is always used to boost the control signal from the process controller up to the power level required by the control winding of the saturable core reactor.

The magnetic amplifiers have the following advantages

  • Easy and effective amplification of weak DC signals.
  • Complete conductive isolation of input and output circuits of the amplifier for DC signals.
  • The magnetic amplifier is sturdy, mechanically shockproof.
  • it practically needs no maintenance.
  • It can be used as a device to operate as a DC to AC converter.
  • It can amplify several signals simultaneously;
  • The output of the device responds to the algebraic sum of the separate input signals. magnetic amplifiers are thus used for voltage regulation and other control.
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