Which type of wattmeter can’t be used for D.C?

Which type of wattmeter can't be used for D.C?

Right Answer is:

Induction type


Induction type instruments

  • Induction-type instruments work on AC supply only. This is based on the principle of induction motor, therefore called induction type instrument.
  • We can use these instruments as an ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, and energy meter.
  • The scale of induction-type instruments is quite uniform and extends over an angle of 300°.
  • Currents up to 100A can be handled by induction-type instruments so that their power consumption is fairly large and cost relatively high.
Meter Measuring quantity
Permanent Magnet Type ammeter DC current
Induction type ammeter AC current
Moving iron voltmeter AC and DC voltage
Moving iron ammeter AC and DC current

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