UPPCL JE 2016 Electrical question paper with Explanation (Morning Shift)

UPPCL JE 2016 Electrical question paper with Explained Solution(Morning Shift)


Ques 1. High starting torque is required in

  1. Centrifugal pump
  2. Locomotive
  3. Lathe
  4. Air Blower

In trains there are many compartments full of passengers & luggage, so during the starting, it requires high starting torque. Dc series motor is used for the locomotive because it has very high starting torque and variable speed.

DC series motors will have a starting torque as high as 500% compared to normal operating torque


Ques 2. The resistance of element D in the given figure is


  1. 10Ω

The balance condition of wheatstone bridge is given as

\frac{{{R_1}}}{{{R_2}}} = \frac{{{R_3}}}{{{R_4}}}

R1 = 10Ω

R2 = 5Ω

R3 = D

R4 = 3Ω

\begin{array}{l}\frac{{10}}{5} = \frac{D}{2}\\\\D = 6\Omega \end{array}


Ques 3. _____ Body absorbs all the radiation that is incident on it.

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Gray
  4. Green

A body that absorbs all the radiation incident on it would then appear ‘perfectly black’ to us. This is because we observe a body due to ‘reflection’ of radiation incident on it; and if a body absorbs all the radiation incident on it, then it would reflect no radiation. So, a body would be invisible to us or appear black to us. Such a body was called by Kirchhoff as a black body.

A body whose absorptive power is unity at all the wavelengths or that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation, regardless of frequency or angle of incidence is termed as the black body


Ques 4. There are _______ slip rings in a squirrel cage induction motor.

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 3
  4. 0

In squirrel cage induction motor, the rotor bars are permanently short-circuited by end rings and there are no slip rings and brush gears hence it is not possible to connect an external resistance in the circuit in series with the rotor conductors.


Ques 5. Which of the following is most commonly used in secondary distribution?

  1. 2 Phase 3 Wire
  2. 1 Phase 3 Wire
  3. 1 Phase 2 wire
  4. 3 Phase 4 wire

A four-wire system allows you to have phase voltages or line to ground voltages. In 3 phase 4 wire system, neutral wire carries return current in case of any fault occurs in the line there is more flexibility to keep the system running since it may only affect one of the phases.


Ques 6. Which of the following provides support to the insulators used in overhead lines?

  1. Cross-Arm
  2. Support/base
  3. Phase Plate
  4. Conductor

  • Cross arms are either made up of wood or steel angle sections.
  • Cross arms are installed at the top of the pole for holding the insulator on which the conductors are fastened.
  • If the cross arms are fixed in the center of the pole then it is simply called cross arms.
  • If the cross arms are fixed on the side of the pole then it is termed as side cross arms.
  • For the three-phase line, U-shaped Cross arms are used.


Ques 7. The area under Geothermal energy produce

  1. Hot water
  2. Wet Steam
  3. Dry steam

Which of the above option is correct

  1. 1 and 2
  2. 1, 2 and 3
  3. 1 and 3
  4. None of the above

There are various ways of utilizing geothermal energy sources, which are classified as follows:

  1. Hot water resources. Some geothermal resources contain hot water under normal pressure between 50°C and 80°C. This hot water is again usable either for space heating or for air conditioning.
  2. Dry Steam Sources: Dry superheated steam, which can either be extracted directly from the geothermal reservoir or which comes out directly, may be used to run a turbine and subsequent production of electricity.
  3. Wet steam sources. Geothermal reservoirs, which remain under pressure, give rise to a water-steam mixture with temperatures between 180°C and 370°C. After the steam separates from water, it can be used to produce electricity or for process heat applications. The remaining water is used for space heating or for absorption-based air-conditioning systems.


Ques8. ________ is done just above Bedding’s surface

  1. Insulation
  2. Serving
  3. Armouring
  4. Metallic Sheathing

Beading (Inner Sheath)

This portion of the cable is also known as an inner sheath. Mostly it is used in Multicore cables. It works as the binder for insulating conductors together in multi-core power cables and provides bedding to armour. This portion of the cable is mainly made of PVC, RUBBER etc.

UPPCL JE 2016 Electrical question paper with Explanation (Morning Shift) 1


Armoring is the process that is done mainly for providing the earthing shield to the current-carrying conductors as well as it is also used for earthing purposes of the cable for safety. When there is any insulation failure in the conductor, the fault current gets enough paths to flow through the armor if it is properly earthed. Providing extra mechanical protection and strength to cable is an important added advantage of armouring. In MINING CABLES it is done for conductance.


Ques 9. The number of secondary turns of a coil in a transformer is 4 times the numbers of turns in the primary coil. If the voltage in primary coil is 200 V, the secondary voltage would be

  1. 2000 V
  2. 200 V
  3. 800 V
  4. 50 V

Voltage transformer ratio of the transformer is given as

\frac{{{V_2}}}{{{V_1}}} = \frac{{{N_2}}}{{{N_1}}}

N2 = 4N1 i.e

N2/N1 = 4/1

V1 = 200V

V2 = ?

\begin{array}{l}\frac{{{V_2}}}{{200}} = \frac{4}{1}\\\\{V_2} = 800V\end{array}


Ques 10. I have to get my automobile’s battery charged. Out of the following, which generator should I prefer?

  1. Shunt or Series Generator
  2. Compound Generator
  3. Shunt Generator
  4. Series Generator

Shunt generators are used to charge batteries. In this application, the voltage should drop off slightly as the load increases, because the voltage of a lead battery is lower when the battery is discharged than when the battery is charged. Because of its drooping characteristic, the shunt generator is admirably suited for battery charging service. In a general way, the voltage curve of the generator has the same shape as the voltage curve of the battery itself. In both cases, as the load falls the voltage rises.

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