In a capacitor start a single-phase motor, when the capacitor is replaced by a resistance

In a capacitor start, a single-phase motor when the capacitor is replaced by a resistance

Right Answer is:

Motor may get burn


  • When the capacitor is replaced by a resistor it will behave as the split-phase resistance start the motor.
  • In a resistance split-phase induction motor, the starting winding has a relatively small number of tums of fine wire.
  • Consequently, its resistance is higher than that of the main winding.
  • The resistance starts motor has poor starting torque because the phase angle between the running winding and start winding current is 30 to 40 degrees.
  • Owing to the fine wire used on the starting winding. the current density is high and the winding heats up quickly.
  • If the starting period lasts for more than 5 seconds, the winding begins to smoke and may burn out unless the motor is protected by a built-in thermal relay.
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