Which of the following is not a part of transformer?

Which of the following is not a part of transformer?

Right Answer is:



The parts of a transformer include primary and secondary windings, laminated core, Insulating materials, tank, transformer oil, Bucholtz relay, magnetic oil gauge, winding and oil temperature gauges, conservator, breather, bushings, radiators, air vent plugs, drain valve, cooling tubes, and an onload or offload tap changer.


The conservator is a metallic tank that provides adequate space for the expansion of oil, whenever the transformer is loaded or during temperature variations. It protects the oil from the deterioration of its insulating property.


The radiator units are made from very thin steel sheets of metal for good conduction of heat from the oil to air and are used to take out the heat from the tank. Each radiator will have top and bottom shut-off valves, a top filling plug, a bottom drain plug, lifting lugs, thermometer pockets at the inlet and outlet pipes, air release devices, earthing provisions, filter valves, and all other necessary accessories.

Tap changer

By tap-changing in transformers, it is possible to adjust the output voltage magnitude. It is possible to change taps under load, and such arrangements are called load tap changers (LTC). Tap-changing is usually accomplished using autotransformers.

Note:- Commutator is not part of the transformer. The commutator is one of the very important parts of dc machine which rotates with the armature. The function of the commutator is to convert alternating currents induced in the armature conductors into direct currents in the external circuit in case of generator operation.

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