Which system has the tendency to oscillate?

Which system has the tendency to oscillate?

Right Answer is:

Open loop system


An open-loop system has the tendency to oscillate.

Detailed Explanation

Open-loop control system

  • In any open-loop control system, the output is not compared with the reference input.
  • Thus, to each reference input, there corresponds a fixed operating condition, as a result, the accuracy of the system depends on the calibration.
  • In open loop system control action is independent of the output.
  • In the presence of disturbances, an open-loop control system will not perform the desired task because when the output changes due to disturbances, it is not followed by changes in input to correct the output.
  • The open-loop control system has no feedback is used and gain of the system is very high due to this damping is very less and hence system has tendency to oscillate.
  • In open-loop control systems, the changes in output are corrected by changing the input manually.
  • Open-loop control systems can be used in practice only if the relationship between the input and the output is known and if there are neither internal nor external disturbances.
  • In other words, the output is neither measured nor fed back for comparison with reference point.
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