The advantages of BLDC motors are

The advantages of BLDC motors are

Right Answer is:

All of the above


Advantages of BLDC motors are:

High efficiency: BLDC motors are the most efficient of all-electric motors. This is due to the use of permanent magnets for the excitation, which consumes no power. The absence of a mechanical commutator and brushes means low mechanical friction losses and, therefore, higher efficiency.

Compactness: The recent introduction of high-energy-density magnets (rare-earth magnets) has allowed achieving very high flux densities in the BLDC motor. This allows achieving accordingly high torques, which in turn allows making the motor small and light.

Ease of control: The BLDC motor can be controlled as easily as a DC motor because the control variables are easily accessible and constant throughout the operation of the motor.

Ease of cooling: There is no current circulation in the rotor. Therefore, the rotor of a BLDC motor does not heat up. The only heat production is on the stator, which is easier to cool than the rotor because it is static and on the periphery of the motor.

Low maintenance, great longevity, and reliability: The absence of brushes and mechanical commutator suppresses the need for associated regular maintenance and suppresses the risk of failure associated with these elements. The longevity is therefore only a function of the winding insulation, bearings, and magnet life-length.

Low noise emissions: There is no noise associated with the commutation because it is electronic and not mechanical. The driving converter switching frequency is high enough so that the harmonics are not audible.

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