An increase in gain in most systems leads to

An increase in gain in most systems, leads to

Right Answer is:

Smaller damping ratio


  • The damping ratio is inversely proportional to the gain, therefore, the larger proportion of the gain results in a faster response and a smaller steady-state error.
  • With the increase in gain damping ratio decreases and the damped frequency increases.
  • The overshoot increases with an increase in the gain while delay time and rise time of the system is reduced hence the system response faster.

Effect of controller parameters on system performance

Item Increase proportional gain Increase Derivative time Increase Rest time
Damping factor Decreases Increases Decreases
Overshoot Increases Decreases Increases
Decay ratio Increases Decreases Increases
Steady-state error Decreases No change Eliminated
Stability Decreases Increases Decreases
Closed-loop gain Decreases No change No change
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