A composite system consists of

A composite system consists of

Right Answer is:

Single-phase power received is converted into dc or three-phase power ac system


Composite System

Such a system incorporates the good points of two systems while ignoring their bad points.

1-φ AC system is preferable in view of distribution cost and distribution voltage can be stepped up to high voltage with the use of transformers, which reduces the transmission losses. Whereas in DC system, DC series motors have the most desirable features and for the 3-φ system, 3-φ induction motor has the advantage of automatic regenerative braking, So, it is necessary to combine the advantages of the DC/AC and 3-φ/1-φ systems. The above cause leads to the evolution of the composite system.

  • Single-phase to the Three-phase system also called Kando system
  • Single-phase to dc system.
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