Mica is a:-

Mica is a:-

Right Answer is:

Insulating and dielectric material


Mica is an insulating and dielectric material.

When two conducting plates are brought closer and are separated by another plate that is made up of insulating material leads to the formation of the capacitor.

The main function of dielectric material is to store electrical energy. Thus dielectric materials are used in capacitors. There are four types of capacitors available depending on the dielectric material used in them.

1. Capacitors with air and gases as dielectric:- Such capacitors are used in circuits where energy loss in them should be low as well as the value of capacitance should be small. Thus, these types of capacitors are used in circuits where accuracy is the prime concern, for example, radio frequency circuits.

2. Capacitors with mineral oil as dielectric:- These capacitors give a large value of capacitance with a small amount of dielectric loss.

3. Capacitors with a combination of solid and liquid as dielectrics Paper, glass, mica, mineral oil, castor oil, etc. are used in these types of capacitors. Oil impregnated paper dielectric is used for making capacitors that should have a large value of capacitances. These types of capacitors are used in power distribution systems.

4. Capacitors with only solid as dielectric such as glass, mica, etc. These capacitors are used in laboratories. Mica has a high dielectric constant, high dielectric strength, and low dielectric loss. Further, the dielectric constant of mica does not change much with temperature. Most of the capacitors are constructed as sealed components.

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