In motor, the static frequency changers are used for

In motor, the static frequency changers are used for

Right Answer is:

Speed Regulation


In motor, the static frequency changers are used for Speed Regulation.

The static frequency converter is a device that alters the frequency of the input signal according to the input set point. As the name specifies, it consists of solid-state switching devices which are either on or off according to the input control signal.

The advantages of static frequency conversion devices are as follows:

  1. The installation costs are lowered. Space occupied is smaller compared to the conventional rotating devices. The alignment problems are not there.
  2. The efficiency of conversion is improved which in turn reduces the running costs also. Periodic maintenance of rotating parts is not required.
  3. The voltage and frequency can be independently varied so that the motor operates at constant flux. So it is completely independent of fluctuations in the ac supply voltage and frequency.
  4. Static converters occupy less space and offer low noise compared to mechanical converters with heavy machinery.
  5. It offers a wide variety of voltage and frequency control with a great control due to its independence of supply voltage variations.
  6. The output volts/hertz can be adjusted to suit the adjustable speed motors and a large starting torque can be provided if it is needed.

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