The motor used for the compressors is

The motor used for the compressors is

Right Answer is:

Capacitor start capacitor run motor


In capacitor start capacitor run motor the starting winding and capacitor are connected in the circuit at all times, therefore, the combination of both the capacitor provide higher starting torque and can be used for belt-driven motor such as the compressor.

Single-phase motor Application
Split phase motor Small drill presses, Shop grinders, Small belt-driven conveyors, Washing machines,
Capacitor run induction motor Compressors, Conveyors, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Ceiling fans
Shaded pole motor Hairdryers, Toys, Record players, Small fans, Electric clocks
AC series motor (universal motor) Sewing machines, Kitchen applications, Table fans, Food Mixers, Vacuum cleaner
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