Transformer core are laminated in order to

Transformer core are laminated in order to

Right Answer is:

Minimize eddy current loss


  • In a transformer, the eddy current loss is proportional to the square of the diameter of the core.
  • Larger the diameter, the more the eddy current loss.
  • In eddy current, the magnetic field that induces a voltage in the secondary of a transformer also induces a voltage in the core. This causes circulating (or eddy currents) in the core.
  • Making the laminations as thin as possible reduces this loss.
  • The laminations are coated with a thin insulating material to prevent current from flowing between them.
  • Hence the transformer core is laminated so that the net effective diameter of the transformer core reduces and thus eddy current loss can be minimized.

High resistivity conducting path: To minimize any ‘eddy currents’ (circulating currents) resulting from undesirable voltages induced into the core; eddy currents are further minimized by manufacturing the core from laminations.


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