The type of BLDC motor available are

The type of BLDC motor available are

Right Answer is:

Both Unipolar and Bipolar


There are two types of brushless DC motors available, which are

  1. Unipolar BLDC motor
  2. Bipolar BLDC motor

Unipolar BLDC Motor:- In this type of BLDC motor, optical sensors are used by the rotor. The optical sensor has a light source, three phototransistors. These transistors are placed at an angle of 120° from each other and they are fitted on the motor end-plate. A revolving shutter coupled to the motor shaft is also used.

Bipolar BLDC Motor:-  In Bipolar BLDC motor three-phase inverter feedback diodes are used. Moreover, the Hall effect sensors are used to sense the position of the rotor. However, the combination of three Hall effect sensors and a ring of the magnet makes a rotor position sensor. The Hall sensors are placed 120 electrical degrees apart from each other. A magnet ring is directly fitted on the rotor shaft and revolves with the rotor.

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