A P-Type semiconductor is

A P-Type semiconductor is Uncharged.

Right Answer is:



A P-Type semiconductor is uncharged.

When the trivalent impurities like Boron (B), Gallium (Ga), Indium (In), Aluminium (Al) are added to the pure semiconductors like silicon and germanium then a large number of the holes are created.

But the p-type semiconductors are electrically neutral that is uncharged because when the trivalent impurities are doped into the tetravalent pure semiconductors like silicon and germanium then the fourth electron of the germanium needs to be bonded then the electron in the outermost shell of the silicon or germanium can jump into the vacancy and create a hole on its own atom. So here the holes are the reason for this conduction to take place.

So, the holes are created for this condition to take place but the semiconductor is electrically neutral because the number of the electrons and holes are the same in magnitude and opposite in sign.

Hence a p-type semiconductor is electrically neutral that is uncharged.

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