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For the Basic of Electrical Engineering you can check our articles on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Resistance temperature coefficients, Concept of Resistance and Ohm’s Law, Fundamental Quantities and Units, Resistors in Series, Parallel, Series Parallel

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For Electronic Engineering, to learn more, you can check our Electronic Devices lectures as well.

We have included on our learnings the People who have significant contributions to all Engineering Fields in Biography Sections.

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Fundamental of Electrical Engineering | Concept Of Resistance and Ohm’s Law

Fundamental of Electrical Engineering | Resistance And Conductance Resistance It may be defined as the property of a substance due ...
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Working Principle Of An Alternator

Working Principle Of An Alternator The fundamental working principle of an alternator is the same as the DC generator i.e ...
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Ideal Transformer | Characteristics of Ideal Transformer

Definition Of an Ideal Transformer An ideal transformer is a perfectly coupled loose less transformer with infinite high core magnetic permeability ...
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Fundamental Of Electrical Engineering

Fundamental Of Electrical Engineering |Concept of Charge & Current It is a branch of engineering which deals with the flow ...
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synchronos motor

Working principle of synchronous motor

Synchronous Motor Working Principle Electric Motor is an electromechanical device which transforms electric energy into mechanical energy. According to their ...
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Working Principle of DC Motor

Working Principle of DC motor The DC motor work on the principle when the current-carrying conductor is placed in a ...
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Leon Charles Thevenin – Biography, Contributions, Inventions

Leon Charles Thevenin – Biography, Contributions, Inventions Thevenin was credited on further simplifying complex circuit analysis which are otherwise difficult ...
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Georg Simon Ohm – Biography, Contributions, Inventions

Georg Simon Ohm – Biography, Contributions, Inventions Who is Georg Simon Ohm? Ohms Law was derived from the findings of ...
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Gustav Kirchhoff Biography, Contributions, Inventions

Gustav Kirchhoff Biography, Contributions, Inventions Gustav Kirchhoff is a famous German Physicist who made significant contributions to electrical circuit analysis ...
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