Microprocessor of Embedded System MCQ Quiz – Objective Question with Answer for Microprocessor of Embedded System

1. Which of the following microprocessor is designed by Zilog?

A. Z80
B. Zigbee
C. 80386
D. 8087

Answer: A

Designed by Zilog in 1976. 80386 and 8087 are the processors designed by Intel and Zigbee is IEEE based which is used for high-level communication protocol.


2. Z80 is mainly based on

A. Intel 8080
D. 8051

Answer: A

Its architecture is based on Intel 8080 but has an extended instruction set and hardware improvement.


3. Flag register of Z80 is also known as

A. Program status register
B. Program status address
C. Program status word
D. Program address register

Answer: C

The flag register of Z80 contains status information such as carry, overflow, signed, etc.


4. What are the two register sets used in Z80?

A. C’D’ and BC’
B. CD and BD
C. IV and MR
D. Main and alternate

Answer: D

Z80 has two sets of registers which are the main registers and alternate registers.


5. How an alternate set of the register can be identified in Z80?

A. ‘Suffix
B. ‘Prefix
C. ,suffix
D. ,prefix

Answer: A

In order to identify the main register and alternate register ‘ is used in the suffix.


6. What is the purpose of the memory refresh register of Z80?

A. To control on-chip DRAM
B. To control on-chip SRAM
C. To control ROM
D. To clear cache

Answer: A

In addition to the general-purpose registers, a stack pointer, program counter, and two index registers are included in Z80. It was also used in many embedded designs because of its high-quality performance and for its in-built refresh circuitry for DRAMs.


7. What is the clock frequency of Z80?

A. 6 MHz
B. 8 MHz
C. 4 MHz
D. 2 MHz

Answer: C

It is the maximum clock frequency or runs a time of the processor.


8. Which are the two additional registers of Z80?

A. Interrupt and NMI
B. NMI and PSW
C. Interrupt vector and memory refresh
D. NMI and memory refresh

Answer: C

The Interrupt Vector(IV) register is used in interrupt handling. Mode 2 is used to point to the required software routine to process the interrupt. In mode 1, the interrupt vector is supplied via the external data bus.


9. By which instruction does the switching of registers take place?

A. Instruction opcodes
B. AXX instruction
C. EXX instruction
D. Register instruction

Answer: C

Only one set of registers can be used at one time and the switching of registers and data transfer is performed by the EXX instruction.


10. Which of the following can be a paired set of 16-bit registers?


Answer: B

Registers B, C, D, E, H, and L are 8-bit general-purpose registers that can be concatenated to produce 16 registers known as BC, DE, and HL.

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