Processor of Embedded System MCQ Quiz – Objective Question with Answer for Processor of Embedded System

21. What type of memory is suitable for medium volume production?

A. Umbrella devices

Answer: B

One-time programmable memory is also a nonvolatile memory so it is used for medium volume production.


22. How an embedded system communicate with the outside world?

A. Peripherals
B. Memory
C. Input
D. Output

Answer: A

The system communicates with the outside world through peripherals.


23. How the input terminals are associated with external environments?

A. Actuators
B. Sensors
C. Inputs
D. Outputs

Answer: B

Sensors measure the physical quantity and convert it into electrical means whereas actuators convert electrical quantity into physical quantity.


24. Which of the following are external pins whose logic state can be controlled by the processor to either be a logic zero or logic one is known as

A. Analogue value
B. Display values
C. Binary values
D. Time derived digital outputs

Answer: C

Binary values possess logic zeros and logic ones.


25. What kind of visual panel is used for seven segmented displays?

C. Binary output
D. Analogue output

Answer: B

LCD is a visual panel that is used for seven segmented displays.


26. Which one of the following is a microcontroller from Motorola?

A. MC68HC05
B. 4004
D. 8080

Answer: A

MC68HC05 is designed by Motorola but 4004 and 8080 are designed by Intel. MIPS is designed by MIPS technology.


27. Which is the first microcontroller?

A. 8051
B. Arm
C. TMS1000
D. Intel 4004

Answer: C

TMS1000 is the first microcontroller which was done in April 1971 but Intel 4004 was designed in November 1971.


28. How many bits does MC68HC05 possess?

A. 4
B. 8
C. 16
D. 32

Answer: B

MC68HC05 is a 8-bit controller.


29. What is the bit size of the program counter in MC68HC05?

A. 7
B. 9
C. 13
D. 17

Answer: C

MC68HC05 has a 13-bit program counter.


30. Which of the following microcontroller is used in the engine management systems?

A. MC68HC05
B. MC68HC11
C. Intel 80286
D. Intel 8086

Answer: B

MC68HC11 was originally designed in conjunction with General Motors for use within engine management systems. As a result, its initial versions had built-in EEPROM/OTP ROM, RAM, digital I/O, timers,8 channel 8 bit A/D converter, PWM generator, and synchronous and asynchronous communications channels (RS232 and SPI).

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