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NMRC JE ELECTRICAL SOLVED PAPER  WITH EXPLANATION 2017 Ques 1. The EMF Induced in the coil of N turns is given by: e = Ndt/dφ e = −Ndφ/dt✓ e = Ndφ/dt e = dφ/dt   Ques 2.  The element which is capable of delivering energy on its own is known as: Non-Linear elements Unilateral elements Active element✓ Passive … Read more

DMRC JE Electrical 9th- April- 2018 Paper With Solution and Explanation

DMRC Junior Engineer  Previous Year Electrical Question Paper with explanation and Solution -2018   Ques 1. Solid state power supplies are protected from medium surge voltage using: Zinc-oxide-Based Varistor✓ Cermet Resistor Metal Glaze resistor Silicon carbide resistor   Ques 2. Lightning arrester connected in a power system protect electrical equipment from Over-voltage due to indirect lightning stroke✓ Direct … Read more